Natural Medicine Books presents

…A Guide for Professionals

2005 edition
  • written by a highly trained and skilled medical professional;
  • covering all anatomical organic systems and some 200+ diseases;
  • describing basic symptoms of each disease plus a scientific, but easily-readable, explanation of its mechanism, cause and progression;
  • containing about 300 pages of concise, candid recommendations for the treating of these illnesses and conditions using basic nutritional dietary therapy and natural supplements;
  • additional sections included indicating a variety of herbs for the use in each illness;
  • references to essential oils for aromatherapy approaches where applicable;
  • recommendations and guidelines as to actual dosages for each and precautionary comments as to what to avoid and how to step over the pitfalls;
  • appendices loaded with additional information on metal toxicity, chelation therapy, vitamins and mineral tables, post-surgery protocol, malabsorption …and more!!!

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2008 edition

Today’s patients/clients are more than likely to use a wide variety of substances, may they be medication, or supplements, or herbs, or a combination. It is increasingly important, as a practitioner, to be able to discern between problems caused by a disease and problems caused by agents used to take care of the disease!
This 155+ pages book introduces the Practitioner of Natural Medicine to basic Pharmacology concepts (what are drugs, how are they made and named, how do they behave in the human body, what do they interact with), and to classes of drugs (as in classification, description, actions and examples).
The book then proceeds to cover 107 commonly used medications and their characteristics and interactions. Your day-to-day in practice desk companion is here!


2008 edition

Sure, they are natural…much better than synthetic. But are supplements always safe?

This 150+ pages book takes you, the practitioner, through the maze of over 80 supplements: what are they, how much can we take, for what conditions, cautions, precautions, interactions; they are all presented here in a easy-to-read and access form, readily available for the busy practitioner of today.

And it also contains rich, concise and informative appendices, all of these at your fingertips!

Food Therapy

2008 edition

Were you ever curious as to what exactly in an apple keeps the doctor away and what exactly in cranberries keeps urinary tract infections at bay?

This 126+ pages book has the answers to the above questions and so much more! It introduces macronutrients ( fats, carbohydrates, aminoacids) and micronutrients ( vitamins and minerals) in detail; then it proceeds to cover a wide variety of foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, dairy, meats, seafood and others), introducing the practitioner to the active elements that make a certain food a therapeutic tool!

Loaded with information, clear and crisp appendices, this book is an excellent office tool for the practitioner of natural medicine.


2008 edition

This 255+ pages book covers a vast array of gerontology aspects, from basic principles (definitions, classification of aging, geriatric assessment, prevention and rehabilitation in Gerontology, diet, exercise and aging, drugs/herbs/supplements and the elderly), to Physiology of Aging (how does the body age), Pathology of Aging (the most common health problems of the elderly) and Psychology and Sociology of Aging (psychological needs, long term care facilities, caregivers, power of attorneys, etc).

All aspects are presented from an Integrative Medicine point of view, covering both aspects of conventional and alternative medicine principles and approaches.

A Must Have for the Practitioner of Natural Medicine!


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Basis of Herbal Therapy

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